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saki healing crimea
Medical rehabilitation, What is happening in Crimea» 20 Апр 2015. Комментарии к записи Health Spas and Medical rehabilitation отключены

Health Spas in Crimea from Ancient to Modern Peloid Therapy has been practised since ancient times and was particularly popular in ancient Greece, Rome ...

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diving black sea
Crimean legends, Extreme sport, What is happening in Crimea» 27 Сен 2014. Комментарии к записи The Bowl of Love отключены

Tarkhankut Peninsula is on the western border of Crimea. The most defining points are the capes of Kara-mrun (Black nose) and Tarkhankut.  The Tarkhankut ...

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Trip to Crimea

We had a very busy Day during our trip to Crimea That day we went swimming with dolphins first. Alexei said it was unforgettable experience. After that ...

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trip to Crimea blog

Here is the story how we’ve got from London to Crimea July 2014. As there are no direct flights to Crimea from London, my son and I had to go to ...

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