Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst planes live and work in Crimea

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Fred Durst, best known as founder and frontman of the Limp Bizkit band, has sent an address to Crimea’s authorities saying he wants to live and work on the Black Sea peninsula, the Izvestia newspaper has reported.

In mid-September, Crimea head Sergey Aksenov invited celebrities from around the world to come to Russia’s new republic saying he would welcome the creation there of a counterpart to the US iconic Beverly Hills.

The musician, whose wife Kseniya Beryazina was born in Crimea, said other American celebrities could also come to the Black Sea peninsula if the ambitious plans of authorities were implemented.


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Durst said he plans to make films and TV series in Crimea and other TV products that will be famous around the world and bring Russia to a very high level in this business.

Aksenov said earlier the representatives of show business, athletes, actors and other celebrities would face no administrative or other barriers if they decide to buy any real estate on the peninsula, move for permanent residence or come for vacation.

The Crimean leader noted that the growing number of celebrities have expressed their wish to obtain Russian citizenship. Among them are famed US boxer Roy Jones and Samy Naceri, a French actor known for his roles in the Taxi movie.

French actor Gerard Depardieu also earlier received a Russian passport.