Velvet season in the Crimea

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In late August the coastal Crimea empties as parents take their children home — time to go to school. No sooner has the joyful hubbub of children’s voices disappeared — the «haut» season is officially closed.

But the sun is still heating the sea, the fruits are still ripening, hospitable Crimeans are still expecting guests to come. And after a couple of days’ calm, the Crimea revives again — the «velvet» season sets off. The word combination — «velvet season» — is of a purely Crimean origin and took root more than a hundred years ago. In imperial Russia, as soon as lots of couples with hurrying to schools children left the Crimea, wealthy metropolitan public headed for to the Black Sea coast. These people were fond of bustle-free lying on the beaches alternated with unhurried walks in the city’s waterfront promenades and adjoining neighborhoods. The distinctive feature about people of this class was their richly decorated velvet clothes — which gave name to the season itself, «velvet».

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As it was in olden times, the September Crimea of today is receiving people of a «higher class«. It is just in September that all the Crimean hotels of a three to five stars level are normally completely full. It is just in September that strolling yachts and «president» excursion auto cars are booked up weeks ahead.

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A genuine «golden» autumn is visiting the Crimea: to match the nature glittering with the gold of leaves, glittering with genuine gold are vacationers sauntering along the Yalta’s sea-side promenade.

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Another significant component of the autumn vacationers flow is guests of the Crimean sanatoriums. In autumn, the costs of sanatoriums accommodation are lower, while healing qualities of the Crimean nature are even better, which draws those who wish to seriously improve their health. During this period health institutions of Saki, Yalta, Evpatoria health resorts attract Germans, French, Italians.

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