Sun, Air and Wine — the Crimean Solution

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Crimea — Space to Breathe

Some places have it, while others just don’t. In the last hundred years or so Europe has become a firmly industrialised continent and its people largely urban. During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries urbanisation and industrialisation was being pursued by all the countries of Europe. Russia was no exception and the industrialisation of Europe’s largest country began to speed up a notch after the revolution.

Traditional ways of life were swept away in many countries, including the Russian Empire, or the Soviet Union as it became. Russians, however, perhaps more than any other culture in Europe, retained a passion for rural life and ways. Many families living in cramped and polluted cities retained a “dacha”. These were simply small rural properties which families could retreat to. From small huts to large palaces, the country get-away that is the Dacha has to be significantly more appealing than the British equivalent — the family caravan or, worse still, Butlins!

Space to breathe seems to be something that the people of the former USSR and its constituent countries need above all else. Luckily they’ve some places where breathing is not only good for the soul but can even be good for your health. While much of modern science looks at air quality from the point of view of “bad” — polluted cities and smog filled streets – less attention has been paid to the “good” end of the spectrum. Breathing polluted air may be bad for you but can breathing in air with different qualities really be good for you?

The people of Crimea would argue that the answer is “yes”. Scientific studies of air quality may be relatively new but, in Crimea, it’s long been known that some air can have a positive affect on you. This is not just about the clarity of the air or the lack of pollution. There’s slightly more to it than that and science is even beginning to catch up on that fact.


Southern Coast of Crimea and Yalta – A World-Famous Climatic Health Resort!

For almost two hundred years now the south coast of Crimea, the area around Yalta, has been popular as a location for health resorts. The climate is key to this and it is the climate and natural resources in the area on which many treatments are based. These include “climatotherapy” techniques which include aeroionotherapy (treatment with ionised air) , heliotherapy (natural light therapy) and thalassotherpay (treatments using sea water and minerals).

Effective treatment at many medical rehabilitation centres of Noviy Svet (the New World) on the southeast coast of the Crimea are largely down to both diagnostic and curative approaches. K Health Spas and Rehabilitation resorts are rightly proud of its Consultative-Diagnostic Centres where it creates unique and individual courses of treatment tailored to each visitor. These treatments combine, as appropriate, all of the different elements of Crimean natural treatments to address specific needs, concerns or conditions of each individual.


Forget Sun, Sea and Sand – Sun, Air and Wine Create the Crimean Solution!

The range of health treatments in Crimea is astounding. Each are based on the region’s natural elements and unique qualities. The treatments include;

  • Crimea is a small peninsula but thanks to its location has a surprisingly broad range of climatic conditions. From wet and salty sea air to dry, hot steppe conditions. The unique qualities of the juniper and pine scented air, discussed above also combine to offer a huge range of possible treatments. Alongside the incredible mountain landscapes, Crimea boasts coastlines where swimming comfortably in the sea is possible from May to October.
  • Using perhaps Crimea’s most precious natural resource, treatments with mineral water, salt-rich muds and brine from salt-lakes all offer an astounding range of health benefits. Popular mineral waters include “Theodosia” and “Crimean Mineral”.
  • Perhaps the most familiar to many people, aromatherapy in Crimea is conducted using locally grown herbs and the oils extracted from them. As well as aromatherapy treatments a range of cosmetics and soaps are also produced.
  • Wine Therapy. Yes, wine! Using locally produced wines a range of treatments use therapeutic oral doses and wine is also used for cosmetic and medical procedures.
  • Bathing in both the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov are excellent treatments for those recovering from serious illnesses and injuries. They are also used for treating children with physical or developmental problems as a therapy and to build strength. The unique qualities of the mineral composition of the seas around Crimea is believed to be very beneficial for a range of conditions.
  • Animal Therapy. Perhaps one of Crimea’s more recent developments, it’s possible to swim with dolphins or take a ride on the regions magnificent horses. Both of these activities are included in many health programmes. For children they offer the chance to develop communication skills and riding in particular can help with recovery from musculoskeletal conditions.
  • This is part of the treatment available in many locations across Crimea. The landscape alone, with majestic mountains, empty steppes and wild beaches is enough to allow you to find that essential space to breath and recover your mental equilibrium.





Regional Treatments around Crimea.

The hotels, spas and mud baths around Evapatoria specialise in treating children with cerebral palsy and musculoskeletal disorders. They also focus on patients with suffering from paralysis and paresis. At Saki, gynaecological diseases or infertility are both specialisms, although Saki mud has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities that are widely sought after in a range of treatments.

Diseases of the lungs, including TB have been traditionally treated in the dry steppe regions and the forests thanks to their unique qualities.

At Kujbyshevo, a small village, the speciality is the local healing “black water” shown to beneficial to patients suffering from thrombophlebitis, sciatica and a whole range of skin conditions. Meanwhile at Feodosia the mineral waters and curative muds focus on gastric illness.

Sudak has its own micro-climate which is suitable for a range of lung conditions, including asthma, pneumonia and lung inflammation.

The southern coast of the peninsula is famous for its healthy sea air and hot sun. Convalescence is one of the key benefits in this region, from physical conditions to those relating to mental or emotional stress. The perfect climate, the range of treatments and the simple peace and beauty of Crimea all combine to make it the ultimate space to breathe.

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