The Highlights of Crimea tour (8 Days / 7 Nights)

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On this tour you will learn the natural and cultural attractions along the entire southern coast of Crimea. Visit the most important towns and cities of Western, Eastern and Southern Crimea as of Feodosia, Sudak, Yalta, Alupka and Sevastopol and see the very different landscapes of the Crimea. The tour ends in Yalta where it can be extended upon request.

Day 1: Arrival

Arrival in Simferopol. You will be welcomed at the airport by your English speaking travel guide. Transfer from Simferopol to Feodosiya (125 km). Dinner and overnight accommodation at the 3 * hotel in Feodosiya.

Day 2: Feodosiya

In the morning our English speaking guide will take you around the city’s most famous landmarks. The city was founded as Theodosia (Θεοδοσία) by Greek colonists from Miletos in the 6th century BC. Noted for its rich agricultural lands, on which its trade depended, it was destroyed by the Huns in the 4th century AD.

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Theodosia remained a minor village for much of the next nine hundred years. It was at times part of the sphere of influence of the Khazars (excavations have revealed Khazar artifacts dating back to the 9th century) and of the Byzantine Empire.

Like the rest of Crimea, this village fell under the domination of the Kipchaks and was conquered by the Mongols in the 1230s.

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Between 1204–1261 and again in 1296–1307, the city of Caffa was ruled by Genoa‘s chief rival, the Republic of Venice. In the late 13th century, traders from the Republic of Genoa arrived and purchased the city from the ruling Golden Horde. They established a flourishing trading settlement called Caffa (or Kaffa), which virtually monopolized trade in the Black Sea region and served as a major port and administrative center for the Genoese settlements around the Sea. It came to house one of Europe’s biggest slave markets. Under Genoa since 1266, Caffa was governed by a Genoese consul, who since 1316 were in charge of all Genoese Black Sea colonies.

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There are numerous monuments from the Middle Ages (eg an Armenian church).You will visit the museum with works of Aiwasowski a world renowned marine painter. A bus trip to Stary Krym. Dinner at a Tatar restaurant.An overnight stay at a 3 * hotel in Feodosiya (about 50 km).

Day 3: Sudak — Yalta

We will drive to Sudak. Sudak is located in a picturesque bay and is one of the most beautiful places in eastern Crimea. It is believed that the city was founded in 212 AD by Alani settlers on the territory of the Bosporan Kingdom. Merchants from the Roman Empire founded Sougdaea, in Greek Σουγδαία (a reference to Sogdia) in the 3rd century.


 In the 6th century, the Roman Emperor Justinian I ordered the construction of a fortress. The Khazars attacked in the 7th century, giving it the name Suğdaq. The Life of St. Stefan of Surozh describes the 8th-century town as dependent on the Byzantine Empire. Around the start of the 9th century, it was supposedly attacked by the Rus Chieftain, Bravlin. It is thought that the Khazars retained the town from the early 800s until 1016, when the Byzantines finally defeated the Khazar warlord Georgeios Tsulo. Afterwards, the town seems to have preserved some sort of autonomy within the Byzantine Empire.

From the 9th century until around the 12th century, there were important trade exchanges between the then Surozh and the Kievan Rus’.

It became an important location for trading on the Silk Road in the 12th and 13th centuries, despite attacks by the Cumans-Kipchaks in the 11th century and further damages inflicted by the Tatars (in 1223, but also in 1239).

You’ll visit the Genoese fortress. Then drive along the coastal road to Alushta, you will then stay overnight at a 4 * hotel (about 150 km).

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Day 4: Yalta Alupka

In the morning we will drive to Yalta (20 km).

The existence of Yalta was first recorded in the 12th century by an Arab geographer, who described it as a Byzantine port and fishing settlement.

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The city is located on the site of an ancient Greek colony, said to have been founded by Greek sailors who were looking for a safe shore on which to land. It is situated on a deep bay facing south towards the Black Sea and surrounded by wooded mountains. It enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with many vineyards and orchards in the vicinity. It became part of a network of Genoese trading colonies on the Crimean coast in the 14th century, when it was known as Etalita or Galita.


We will visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Livadia Palace. After a lunch break, you will go to the «Swallow’s Nest» — symbol of the Southern Crimea. In Alupka visit the magnificent Vorontsov Palace. Then stroll through the beautiful Vorontsov palace park. Return to Alushta (20 km) and stay at the same 4* hotel.

Day 5: Sevastopol

A day of sightseeing in Sevastopol, the base of the Russian naval Black Sea Fleet.


Visit the Panorama Museum, then visit the ruins of the ancient Greek city Chersonese. Have dinner at a Ukrainian restaurant in Sevastopol which will offer you a beautiful atmosphere and traditional recipe dishes from salmon and pork. Then stay in a 3* hotel in Sevastopol.

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Day 6: Bakhchisaray

After breakfast we will visit the former Tatar capital Bakhchisaray. Visit the Khan Palace with the famous Fountain of Tears, which Alexander Pushkin dedicated a poem to. then pay a visit to the Assumption Cave Monastery. then stay at a 4*hotel in Alushta in the same hotel as before (about 200 km).




Day 7: Yalta

In the morning drive to Yalta (20 km). what we do on this day is entirely your choice. In the evening drive back to Alushta. Stay in the same 4* hotel.

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Day 8: Departure

Transfer to the airport. Return flight to Moscow — London or your individual destination.


  • Tour highlights:
  • Feodosiya and Sudak — the pearl of the south-eastern coast of Crimea
  • Genoese fortress and Aiwasowski Museum
  • Southern coast of Crimea: Yalta and Alupka
  • Livadia Palace — the summer residence of the last Russian tsar
  • magnificent palace in Alupka Vorontsov
  • Sevastopol: Black Sea Fleet, Chersonese, Panorama Museum
  • Bakhchisarai — the former capital of the Tatar Khan Palace


Price for the 7 days Tour Highlights of Crimea:


  • Two guests – £1,495 / 2,023 euro per person
  • Three guests – £1,390 / 1,880 euro per person
  • Four guests – £1,291 / 1,746 euro per person
  • Five + guests – £1,195 / 1,617 euro per person


What is included:

  1. 7 nights in the itinerary mentioned or equivalent hotels inin a double room rooms with bath or shower / WC/
  2. Transfer from airport to the hotel and from the hotel to airport;
  3. Transportation according to the program of the tour;
  4. Meals according to the program: breakfast (7 x)
  5. Bottle of Crimean wine in your room upon arrival in Feodosia, Alushta and Sevastopol;
  6. Admission tickets to all visited landmarks (according to the program of the tour);
  7. Guiding-services carried out in English/German/French/Spanish (according to your request);
  8. The tour can be changed and adjusted according to your wishes;
  9. Wi-Fi at the hotel


What is NOT included:

  1. Russian Visa
  2. Flights
  3. Meals and Drinks not specified
  4. Personal expenses such as telephone, minibar, etc
  5. Tips and gratuities (guides, restaurants, etc)
  6. Travel insurance (strongly recommended)


Single room supplement: £ 128 / 178 euro extra p / p.

When you are with a group and wish to make changes to this standard program, please keep in mind that this final price depends on chosen style of accommodation and dining. Please contact us with your group size ( no maximum group size), travel dates and preferences and we will send you custom pricing. Discounts available for larger groups. Please note this tour is available upon demand for PRIVATE GROUPS and is not a scheduled tour to be mixed with other groups. Full payment for this trip is due upon arrival in Crimea.

Alternatively, you could sign up to our social group and join us on the next trip to Crimea.


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