One day in Crimea, Summer holiday 2014

19 Авг 2014 | One comment »

We had a very busy Day during our trip to Crimea :)

That day we went swimming with dolphins first. Alexei said it was unforgettable experience.

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After that we went to a ZOO called «Skazka».  «Skazka» means «Fairy tale» and it really is!

It is privately owned zoo located in a very beautiful and unique place from where a wonderful view of Yalta city and the Crimean mountains can be enjoyed.  At present more than 120 species of animals can be found in the Zoo, all of which were delivered from all continents of the globe.

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After the ZOO we went to another  popular tourist attraction. It is the highest waterfall in Crimea.


It calls Uchan-su. The name translates from the Crimean Tatar language for swift water. Uchan-su is most powerful during the spring when it is fed by snow melt in the mountains. During the summer it could dry out completely.

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Locals believe you have to wash your face with its water three times and make three wishes and they WILL come truth! So we did.

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Then we decided to complete our day by visiting the «Fairy tale» house near Yalta. It was amazing as we could walk on the ceiling :)

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After that we took a car back to Yalta :)

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Full version of our Day 4 could be found below: