Trip to Crimea, July 2014

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Here is the story how we’ve got from London to Crimea July 2014.

As there are no direct flights to Crimea from London, my son and I had to go to Moscow first. Then we took a connect flight to Krasnodar city.

It takes less than 2 hours to fly to Krasnodar from Moscow. After landing in Krasnodar airport our friends took us to amazing restaurant “Stan” where we had great meal to refill before heading to Crimea the next day. “Stan” offers a traditional Kuban’s Kozak food which we loved!

Are after a good night sleep we left our hospitable friend’s house in Krasnodar heading to Anapa port to catch a fairy to Crimea.

Distance from Krasnodar to Anapa on the cards roads is about 106.85 miles (171.96 kilometres). Estimated time path 2 h. 37 min.
In Anapa port we took catamaran called “Sochi”. It was another 6 hours by sea to arrive to our final destination in Crimea – beautiful Yalta.

Our trip to Crimea began from visiting Yalta. It was hot, happy and full of life!

black sea crimea

massandra crimea

Crimea 2014

Crimea 2014

yalta trip to Crimea crimea 2014 crimea 2014

After a long day walking around Yalta and swimming Alexei became a bit grumpy…… Tasty snack will help :)

Hungry Alexei is waiting for his meal :)

Hungry Alexei is waiting for his meal :)

Yalta, trip to Crimea

Crimea resorts

travel to Crimea

And this is what we saw before going home :)