Ai-Petri — Crimean mountains

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Magnificent Ai-Petri  (1,234.2 m (4,049 ft) is a peak in the Crimean Mountains. The name has Greek origin, and is translated as St. Peter. Ai-Petri is one of the windiest places in Crimea. The wind blows for 125 days a year, reaching a speed of 50 m/s (110 mph). The peak is located above the city of Alupka and the town of Koreiz.


This legendary massif is attractive for tourists where you can get an amazing view over the whole southeastern coast of Crimea. In order to see these fantastic panoramas, numerous travelers climb the Ai-Petri all year round. There is a Cable Car that takes passengers from a station near Alupka to the main area in Ai-Petri — a great opportunity to take pictures and bring home memories of this unforgettable trip.

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ai-petri cable car

ai-petri cable car

It happened so long ago that even the Black Sea did not exist, and in its place a vast ocean of noise. On over water walking young elastic winds. But the shallow ocean, creating mountains and steppes, valleys and gorges. With deep blue water was rocky land, and the winds have chosen it for their shelter. They have been worn over the foam rollers, and rest and gain strength flew on mountain plateau. Here in heaven dug turquoise stone tower. In toothed giant crown sparkled drops of the night dew emitted blue light. Here lived the king of winds. Rested on the stone king bed, soaking up the summer sun, and his grey beard blow gentle breeze. Good King winds, the clouds and clouds curled his long hair and blue celestial robe flowing with powerful shoulders. Each season brings its own king gorgeous colors. He likes the old king to build fairytale castles and cities. He slowly inflates white tower, building air castles and palaces. Clouds are poetry air vortices, the king’s sons Winds, violent and gentle intrusion. Each in its own way creates a cloud, in all different shapes, shades of color, density, flying above the ground. But many disasters brought raging winds huts, huts, caves, where the huddled human tribes. Wind put out the fire in the centers or flying fiery whirlwind, burning everything in its path. Decided people find peace treaty with the king of winds. Gathered leaders coastal tribes. Of the many peaks and valleys of the soldiers came and settled around the campfire on the beach. For a long time they sat by the fire, holding a council, exchanging ideas. But have not been able to offer them lived around the rocky plateau tribes which gifts to please the king, Winds, that he subdued his powerful and fierce force. Suddenly Peter, very quiet and nondescript warrior said: – I wind submission! Laughed leaders: – You grow up, soldier! grow strong muscles, then you will boastfully speak such words! Nothing answered Peter, and went into the mountains to the monastery winds. For a long time he climbed the rocky cliffs. Around, scary howling laughed and whistled a mysterious and invisible beings. – Down, witches and goblins! I’m not afraid of you! – Peter drove them away exhilarated forest spirits. Finally made it to the king’s throne. Giant-wind, basking in the sun and smiling, waiting for his future winner, because long-nasheptaly king of the council of soldiers on the beach. Peter got up on a rock to give up, and said – King Winds from now you will serve man and work on it! The king was angry winds blew and struggling to soldier fell off a cliff. But Peter pulled from sinus bullish bubble, dried and light as a feather, raised over his head and took off into the sky. The wind was blowing, and Peter expertly guided his flying wing and slid over the mountains, forests, cliffs. Another Forest lyutyvsya wind, but could do nothing with daredevil. Then the wind decided to stop blowing that Peter fell on a rock and crashed. But he skillfully guiding light wing fell into the sea on a floating log. Then the wind brought down on him the terrible walls, trying to drown in the depths of the sea. But then Peter raised bullish bubble over his head – and took off like a sail on the waves, and he swam to shore. Understand people who watched the fight: no wonder Peter boasted – he showed them how to conquer the wind. Then they build fishing boats and put them light sail-wings. A cruise on land to build windmills. Ceased people are afraid of the wind, as he became an assistant in their difficult lives. A mountain abode winds, called the Ai-Petri in Greek – Saint Peter. In gratitude for what Peter taught people to deal with the wind, they took him a saint …