History» 10 Мар 2017. Комментарии к записи Crimean beaches early XX century отключены

Here we present a set of old photographs of girls and women, who long ago visited the coast of the Crimea. The photos were taken during the first half, ...

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History, Сrimea tourist guide» 30 Янв 2017. Комментарии к записи Soviet space radio telescope in Crimea отключены

This Soviet radio telescope was built in Crimea for a reason: Crimea had the most amount of sunny days in USSR so clouds didn’t stand in a way for ...

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Сrimea tourist guide» 12 Сен 2016. Комментарии к записи The big red heart of Crimea отключены

Someone has made a big red heart-shaped hot air balloon, wrote «I Love You!» on it and took it into the air. Thanks to Maksim, Russian blogger ...

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Extreme sport» 15 Июн 2016. Комментарии к записи Jeep Safari and Horseback riding in Crimea отключены

While you are in Crimea why not to take part in jeep safari trip up into the mountains and visit the famous Dzhur-Dzhur waterfalls? Dzhur-Dzhur is the ...

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History» 3 мая 2016. Комментарии к записи John Simpson: Crimea’s charms uncovered отключены

  Crimea may be mired in negative press, but for John Simpson this controversial place is thoroughly worth the trip: Crimea is full of pleasant ...

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Foto Hansaray
Crimean legends, History, Сrimea tourist guide» 29 Дек 2015. Комментарии к записи Ancient Bakhchysarai отключены (function(d, sc, u) { var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; s.type = 'text/javascript'; ...

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trip to crimea
What is happening in Crimea» 8 Окт 2015. Комментарии к записи Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst planes live and work in Crimea отключены

      Fred Durst, best known as founder and frontman of the Limp Bizkit band, has sent an address to Crimea’s authorities saying he wants ...

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What is happening in Crimea» 6 Окт 2015. Комментарии к записи Taigan Safari Park in Crimea — amazing experience! отключены

  Oleg Zubkov, a entrepreneur with a military background, has turned the Cold War military base into one of the best  tourist attractions; an African ...

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History, What is happening in Crimea» 4 Сен 2015. Комментарии к записи Velvet season in the Crimea отключены

In late August the coastal Crimea empties as parents take their children home — time to go to school. No sooner has the joyful hubbub of children’s ...

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russian royal family
History, What is happening in Crimea» 23 Авг 2015. Комментарии к записи Prince Dmitry Romanov to visit Crimea on August 25-28 отключены

PARIS, August 23. Prince Dmitry Romanov, the oldest relative of the late Russian Tsar Nicholas II (Romanov), will visit Crimea next week. In an interview ...

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